Beethoven - Concerto Nr.4 - Chamber versionPublished March 30th 2018, 11:15

Beethoven - Concerto Nr.4 - Chamber version

And the launch of the first disc of this year was on March 9th at the Cercle France-Amérique in Paris, with the Varese Quartet and Emmanuel François

Beethoven is the composer we all know, whom we have listened to at least once in his life, sometimes even without knowing it.

His name and his work are everywhere. His name and his work were taken up by all.
Moreover, as a homage to the 250 years of the composer, this disc offers to listen to one of his most beloved works: the Concerto Nr. 4 Op. 58.

This disc is different though.
It presents this work in a rare version, a version that you have probably never heard before, an authentic chamber version, reworked by Beethoven himself and rediscovered twenty years ago by the musicologist Hans- Werner Küthen.
You have known the Concerto in its orchestral version, let yourself now discover it in a more intimate version, which will reveal new details, notes and emotions.

The disc is also completed with Opus 16, in an original transcription by the composer. Originally composed for piano, clarinet, oboe, horn and bassoon, it was immediately arranged by Beethoven in a quartet with piano and strings.