Sacred Music Days at the Athens National OperaPublished March 30th 2018, 11:22

The annual Sacred Music Days return to the Athens Opera with a theme designed by Stephanos Thomopoulos that has always linked music and worship: Ecstasy. From Dionysus's troops to whirling dervishes, from monophony and polyphony to minimalism, music is intimately tied to man's desire to transcend physical limits and become a vehicle of ecstasy. The Sacred Music Music celebrate this relationship with a series of concerts and events that cover a broad geographical, temporal and aesthetic spectrum, from early music to American minimalism and from Ottoman music to Bach. This cycle of concerts includes artists of very different origins and backgrounds.

March 22, launching concert of the Sacred Music Days with Stephanos Thomopoulos and Prodromos Symeonidis in Messiaen's Seven Visions of Amen