Recital "To piano sta forte tou" @PianoStaForteApril 22nd 2019, 08:00


The concert series "To piano sta forte tou" continues for the fifth year, now in Piraeus and in the historic and welcoming hall of the Piraeus Association "Varonos Kimonos Ralli". After the success of the previous four years, the series presents five Greek pianists of three generations in May and June, six consecutive weeks after Easter. Stephanos Thomopoulos will give a recital on June 15, with works by  Read more

"St├ęphanos Thomopoulos esplora il Makrokosmos di Crumb" - Review by Alberto Massarotto on the "Giornale della Musica" April 22nd 2019, 08:00

Stéphanos Thomopoulos gives Crumb's writing a renewed clarity in the diction of each passage, reinforced by surprising dynamic gradations.His interpretation does not remain constrained at all by the delicate relationship between the action on the instrument and amplification always as light as it is essential to attribute the necessary depth to his gesture.The respect observed in the treatment of  Read more