The highlight of the concert was the interpretation of Ravel’s piano concerto for the left hand by Stéphanos Thomopoulos. The excellent pianist gave a reading of impeccable virtuosity and rare expressiveness, worked in every detail. Sometimes slightly jazzist, sometimes more robust, always sensitive and thoughtful, his playing brought out with rhythmic and melodic plasticity the special poetry of a very dramatic score.

Eftychios D. Choriatakis - 12/03/2014–_xristopoulos_se_stathera_upsiles_ptiseis_-1003341.html

… the interpretation of Liszt Fantasia quasi Sonata was passionate, especially in the slow passages, where notes of a remarkable sensibility became sighs of rare elegance, a captivating harmony aspiring humans toward unexplored heights of spirituality.

Jean-Luc Vannier Nice, le 14 décembre 2013

The phenomenon Stephanos Thomopoulos
In these incessant slicks, these chromatic waves, these interposed parts, these cascades of octaves and stage effects of all kinds, the anvil strikes and breathtaking contrasts, Stéphanos Thomopoulos preserves silences, chisels shades and singing lyricism : he masters everything from beginning to end, it’s obvious, he makes us hear that.
At times he makes forget that the piano is a mechanical instrument, he masters the instrument in such a point, that he gives the impression of having the strings directly under the fingers, like a jazz guitarist. Very impressive, efficient, beautiful.

Jean-Marc Warszawski, 11 octobre 2013

This Greek pianist is stunning in Iannis Xenakis' Herma.

Olivier Bellamy - Le monde de la musique

In Akea for piano and string quartet, the Arditti Quartet played with the pianist Stéphanos Thomopoulos, who has afterwards performed Evryali for solo piano. There are not many pianists who can live up to the terrifying technical difficulties of this work. Thomopoulos went beyond a simple execution, finding room for accents, refinements and expressive details, valuing silences and taking care of phrase conclusions, giving music thus another strength.

Kathimerini, Athens,  19-6-2011

With the Arditti Quartet played the pianist Stephanos Thomopoulos, in Akea for piano and string quartet, while alone he offered us an exceptional reading of Evryali for solo piano.

Elevtherotypia, Athens, 14-6-2011